Thursday, October 06, 2005

More Blogs...

Some more finengineer students blogs. I guess this calls for an east coast-west coast rivalry :)-

A shout out to my man Aloke
boing-wiki: MathFin

and to the rising hip-hop star
Peek into my life


Blogger aloke said...

word! udai's blog is great (udai: if you read this, you should just blog everything in one place otherwise its too much of a headache...)

12:35 PM, October 06, 2005  
Blogger Quantjock said...

Good if more homies can follow suit..

2:21 PM, October 06, 2005  
Blogger derivativesgeek said...

no need for east coast rivalry. some of us I am sure applied to east & west coast graduate schools/institutions. i like this blog, and I am currently developing one of my own. I will surely let you all know when it is up.

seems like it makes sense now adays to create a blog when you start a new hobby/personal endeavor such as graduate school. i hope other people follow suit because there sure is a heck of alot to learn from other individuals experiences.

- derivatives geek aka quantphd

6:45 PM, October 25, 2005  
Blogger Fox18 said...

I'm new comer here and I'm just a small potato compared to you guys. Anyway, I love this blog, it is amazing!

6:51 PM, October 27, 2005  
Blogger Quantjock said...

thanks a lot fox18.. welcome aboard. Are you a current student?

5:54 PM, October 28, 2005  

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