Friday, March 17, 2006

Nobel laureates and more...

Haas NewsWire - March 6, 2006

Haas does pull in some heavyweights for the commencement ceremonies - this time it was William Sharpe of CAPM fame spoke at the ceremonies (granted he just had to hop a bridge to get to UCB)..

I wonder who will speak at my graduation eceremony one year from now???

In other news, its my last day at work today. I bid farewells, went out for drinks with the gang yesterday in Palo Alto, spoke to some of big shots, and got some packing done.

The stage is set- now for the crunch time!! Corp finance final due this weekend, C++ final project posted (due 31st), and Stats class starting this weekend as well... And First term begins March (edit) 27th.

Hmmmm.... what did I get myself into??


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