Sunday, May 07, 2006

Drought derivatives and week 6...

Lex: Drought derivatives: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance
Interesting article on imaginative uses of Derivatives.

This week got us into the thick of APT models in Investments (and an interesting speaker who talked about quantitative modeling for a fund that invests in ..well... movies.. very info-taining. See WSJ article on the same).

Empricial methods is exposing me to powerful concepts of Kalman filtering and GMM estimation methods. Stochastics dealt with EMM method for solving BS equation. Another great week of FPS's - one from a local (but famous.. no points for guessing) modeling firm and another the IT division of a major I-bank.

Thursday, we went for for a social with MBA finance club - it was quite useful for us to network with the other denizens of the business school - learning about the "other" side of I-banking - namely M&A, corporate finance, etc. Ended the week with another great "year end" Dean's party and a "consumption' function (more on that later...).


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