Saturday, June 10, 2006

Week 12...Teaching quality spikes to new levels..

Week 12 was the new semester, and the first thing I observed is the high level of teaching quality. Most of the professors bring strong industry experinence (which results in a painfully late classes..even upto 10.00P.M. :). However, it is very valuable to understand what works and what doesnt in the "real" setting. I know I am going to enjoy all these courses this semster..

The week was also busy with recruiting (Friday esp, where there were 3 companies on campus). I had a couple of interviews this week ( my performance took a normal distribution overall in these interviews). I will know in a week or two (hopefully the results are postively skewed)!!

We also had a mock interview session with alums to "prep" us for the real thing. I interviewed with an alum, and had a great time discussing my goals, classes, and other sundries...It was actually a very nice conversational interview. Post mock interviews, a bunch of us went out for drinks (and attracted a bunch of stares from people in the bars - we must have really "stood" out in our suits and ties. After all, this is Berkeley.... not Wall street!!)


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