Thursday, August 17, 2006

Week 22.. T3

T3 is incidentally not the new Arnie just stands for Term 3!!

T3 has officially started.. and we have had a full week of classes. Risk Mgmt is fun..some of it is similar to the work I did before the MFE program, albiet now applied in a different context. It is interesting.. and the prof. has literally written the bible on VaR.. Some good resources on VaR can be found here.

The 2 classes I am going to enjoy this quarter take a break from the math and modeling, and are very "B-school-ly".. with case studies and discussions. These are - "design of securities" and "success and failure in financial innovation". For eg., yesterday we had a lively discussion on Drucker's Innovation paper, to see how innovation is brought about in different indutries.


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