Monday, June 26, 2006


Shoutout for a relevant conference:
Mathematical Sciences Research Institute - World Congress on Computational Finance: The First Decade

The alumni event in SF was a grand success. As the treasurer of FESA, I had to cut out the largest check yet, but in all it was well worth it. Most of our class got out into the city, and enjoyed mingling with the alums, and amongst each other. Incidentally, we all realized that last week was probably the only week where we had some relief in terms of homeworks. The future weeks would be crazy...

Another interesting perspective on hedge funds being corruptors of youth in the latest issue of FENEWS: (never thought of them that way..:))
Back in the Days of Disco when I was still in graduate school, a hedge fund manager or two could be found lurking the halls of physics buildings in search of the stray Ph.D. who was having trouble getting or keeping a good post-doctoral position. Driving a taxi was considered a noble alternative to working for something as shady as a hedge fund back then.

Times have certainly changed. Now hedge funds are battling it out with the likes of Google to nab the top students from the most elite universities. If there is someone out there with the talent to break the Bank of England (or one considerably larger), the odds that he or she is working for a hedge fund have risen greatly.


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