Thursday, December 28, 2006

Perks of internship...

Have to say that due to some bad planning on my part, I got to stay in 3 neighborhoods of manhattan during my internship. Well, it turned out to be good, as I got to see very different scenes of the big apple..

First up, Chelsea - near the very famous chelsea hotel, wiki tells me that its had hosted quite a few "bohemians" in its lifetime - Bob Dylan, Hendrix, Stanley Kubrick, Mark Twain...etc. It was quite convienient, close to 2 subways, close to a lot of restaurants and "whole foods"!! 2/5 stars

Next up was Murray Hill, right next to that building you may heard of - Empire state! I liked the apt was being shared with the owner's cat. It was quite interesting since I never had a cat as a pet before. Close to almost everything - Madison square garden (where I saw a Knicks game), shops galore with the worlds largest Macys nearby, and good places to eat! 3/5 stars

3rd stop - East Village - this is an amazing place to live and lots of things to do!! Young, trendy, lots of students, artists, etc. I love this cool italian coffeeshop close to where I live. Just around the block or two are bars with names like "thirsty scholar".. Another crazy thing I saw here is the automat - a vending machine/restuarant that serves hot and fresh food!! 4/5 stars

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