Tuesday, January 23, 2007

week 45.. end of job search!

Yes, it is all over at the job front - have accepted an offer from a reputed I-bank. The work deals with ABS related structured products - so the current class on ABS is of course the most relevant for me. This led me to think about doing a 3-credit project for the "Applied finance project" (one can do a smaller project for 1 credit or a more involved one for 3) - just because I believe one learns more if "forced" to do a project - you read up more on the subject than any course you can do. So goodbye "real options" - I think you are a great technique but it would be a good "option" for me to learn about you later on in life.

In other news, I was saddened to hear that FENEWS has decided to close shop due to production costs issues - comon, you successful FEs (DE Shaw, Jim Simmons) - throw a couple of your spare change (read millions) at this publication - it is indeed an excellent resource on Financial engineering - the fact that it is closing shop doesnt bode well for the field!


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