Saturday, September 02, 2006

week 23/24...and football

Things are heating up, but after 2 terms, I have begun to fall into a sort of rhythm in terms of coursework. You learn to work in teams and leverage off others..

Last 2 weeks, we discussed a couple of interesting HBS case-studies on Citicorp (weighing pros and cons of issuing eurodollar FRNs with special features) and Walt disney (using swaps to cover currency exposure). In SAF (sucess and failure) course, we read some chapters of Shiller's book on new financial order....a cornucopia of new ideas for uses of financial engineering.

In other news, Cal football season is kicking off... with some of us planning to go to couple of games before internship period starts.... my loyalty, however, is divided between Cal Bears and the Fighting Irish ..


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